Technology Solutions

We provide technology solutions: Cyber, Network, Server, Backups, System Monitoring, HelpDesk, Access Control, Security Cameras, Structured Cabling, and more.

Our culture and atmosphere is made possible through the trust and loyalty formed between our team members and company.

Technology Solutions

Driven by history and built around people, PSOL has been ever changing in the solutions we provide to our customers, but consistent in the level of excellence that is provided within every customer interaction.


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Information Technology (IT) Solutions

20 years ago, Team PSOL was born an IT company and here we are 20 years later still learning, still growing, and continuing to make technology work for all kinds of commercial industries; manufacturing, industrial, non-profits, and all other businesses out there. From near to far PSOL has IT solutions that can help your business.

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Managed Solutions

IT Monitoring

HelpDesk Solutions
IT Engineering
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Active Directory

Networking Solution

Disaster Recovery
Data Center Solutions


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Cyber Solutions

Our approach to cybersecurity has been materialized into the PSOL Cybersecurity Platform and was developed using industry best-practices – Center for Internet Security CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls (previously known as the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls) and NIST Cybersecurity Framework – as a foundation. Our goal is to prioritize proven security best practices in support of your business objectives by tailoring our Cybersecurity Platform to your unique needs and environment.

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100% of networks have vulnerabilities and/or compliance requirements. Our experts use industry leading tools to scan any network and identify weaknesses or compliance issues. We’ll help you fix what we find, explain everything along the way, and improve your technical hygiene.

Attackers share stolen information on the dark web every minute. We keep tabs on this and alert you of any sensitive information about your company running wild on the dark web. This service helps identify breaches and minimizes losses.

Over 90% of all breaches originate from phishing. If you have an email address chances, are you have received a phishing email containing a malicious link, attachment, or requesting sensitive information. We simulate these attacks in a safe and controlled manner to help train your workforce to identify and thwart these attacks. We’ve got all the metrics you could ever want (who clicked what, when, and where) and we customize simulations to meet any campaign your heart desires.

This is where we get into the weeds with your team and teach you how to identify phishing emails. We cover common tactics used by attackers, how to handle suspicious messages, and will help create a reporting process. This training is tailored to your employees, industry, and emerging threats. Everyone is a winner here. 

The Security Incident Event Management service collects log records from your devices, aggregates this information, and generates alerts for suspicious activity. This is a must have for secure organizations and will be used to identify threats and respond to active incidents. If you want layered security and logging, you need a SIEM.

With authorization, we will research and launch an attack against your systems. This service identifies vulnerabilities and documents specific exploitations (think methods) used to gain unauthorized access to your network. We show you how and what an attacker might do and provide you with a solid explanation and tools to fix any findings. This service makes you a harder target and protects what is most important to your organization.

Just like death and taxes, there is no escape of risk. We will help you identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks both internal and external to your organization. Our team will provide recommendations to mitigate or accept risks based on your tolerance.


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Physical Security Solutions

The idea of Access Control has been around for ages: a key to a door, a combination to a safe, or saying “Open Saysme” to find some secret treasure. Access control is simply controlling or limiting entrance to a given space. Access Control in the 21st century takes it to a whole new level, giving you more control, more convenience, and more feedback than ever before. Take control of your environment with modern access control.

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Access Control Services

Security Camera Features/Options


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Structured Cabling / Low Voltage Solutions

PSOL Structured cabling solutions offers full-suite of cabling solutions from new construction to new runs in existing buildings. From 1 line to hundreds of lines. We pull ’em all.

Structured Cabling/Low Voltage Solutions

PSOL is a one-stop innovative technology shop. We provide full technology solutions ranging from complete network implementation, 24x7x365 security monitoring service, to HelpDesk solutions and everything in-between.

PSOL is driven by the skills and commitment of its exceptional team. If you think you got what it takes for an open position, apply today.

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Server Administrator Account Manager Systems Administrator Low Voltage Technician
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Network Administrator Security Technician Technology Sales
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Journeyman Electrician

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Are you a team player?
Are you a difference maker?

Low Voltage Technician
Low Voltage Technician
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Security System Technician

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